Bluesoleil cPhoneTool

Bluesoleil cPhoneTool 2.0

Bluesoleil cPhoneTool is a Mobile Contacts And SMS Professional Manager
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IVT Corporation

BlueSoleil cPhoneTool, formerly known as BlueSoleil Dialer, is a phone tool that allows you to manage contacts and SMS on your PC via Bluetooth!
Also, BlueSoleil cPhoneTool allows you to both send and receive phone messages on your computer. In this new version of BlueSoleil cPhoneTool, two more functions are included: File Transfer and Dial-up Networking further heightening your BlueSoleil experience.
Onceyour phone is connected with BlueSoleil cPhoneTool, you can directlydial up and answer phone calls from yourcomputer, as long as a microphone and loudspeakeris in place . You can also freely switch the voice signalbetween your computer and mobile phone with just a click.
Do you love to have some photos, music, videos, or games stored in your mobile phone? Just use the File Explorer to transfer and share files between your PC and mobile phone.

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